Transition ’09

‘People don’t realise when they pray for a government’s downfall, they pray for a nations too’

I have always wanted to write a blog on the aftermath of the 2008 General elections. I think I have been very busy or I just don’t want to be drawn into the discussion now.

When people ask about my thoughts on the keenly contested elections and my assessment of the new administration, I say ‘The elections was the biggest test to our democracy so far and I think the Mills administration will do good. All they need is time‘. I closely followed the run-off and the Tain decider to the swearing-in through to vetting of the ministers to the state of the nation address. In all, I can say confidently that Ghana is building the best democracy in Africa.

For now, I want to give the Mills administration some time to see what they are made of. I was hoping to see Alex Segbefia pick up a position in Mills’ cabinet but I can’t say I am disappointed by his ministerial picks. Hannah Tetteh, Dr. Dufuor, Mrs. Betty Mould Idrissu, Haruna Idrissu, Akua Sena Dansuaa are picks I believe are the best. I hope to see them making big impacts at their various ministries.

On the question of the ex-gratia, I think we are giving too much. I heard comments by President Kufuor that if we think $80000 is too much for our members of parliament, then we don’t know the value of the work of parliament. Comments have also been made that these ex-gratias are intended to get the best people into Government. In all this I strongly disagree! Are we saying parliament puts in more work than the house of commons or house or representatives? I hate drawing comparisons but this is simple logic; Governance is Public Service! One goes in to serve, not as a business. I am in no way suggesting there should be no remuneration for public servants but I am saying you do not attract people to this field with remuneration! One should have the dedication, zeal and the sense of patriotism to be in Government. I say most governments have failed because of the lack of patriotic, selfless and zealous personnel!

Why can’t a former president start a foundation with his remuneration or his own initiative? What happened to fund raising dinners and all that? Why can’t former president request vehicles from state protocol for their visitors but need a whole fleet of their own? The entire Chinery-Hesse Report should be reviewed!

I have observed the president, John Evans Atta Mills preaching and practicing modesty and a cut in government and state protocol expenditure. I realised he went to parliament with a one car to deliver his State of the Nation address. President Mills On His Way To ParliamentI think this is a good thing and i hope it continues and spreads to all governmental departments and agencies.

In the past weeks, there have been talk about reverting the senior high school education system from 4 years to 3 years. Please lets not place politics with this. I think we can all agree on a compromise. Personally, I think it is the quality of of syllabus and not the number of years spent in school that matters. If students in senior high schools dont know what GPS devices are then there is a cause to worry. If even with 4 years and students are learning almost the same thing I did five years ago, there is a cause to worry.

There has been the argument that three years is too small for the current syllabus and students pay extra tuition to cover the syllabus. That assertion is false! There will always be students with special needs and there will always be special/extra classes. The real deal is that teachers need to be paid well so they stay in the classrooms and put in their best. Some teacher deliberately delay the completion of their syllabus so they can earn extra from their private classes.

I say let us pay our teachers well, change the syllabus to meet modern standards and if there is a need to extend or reduce the number of years in school, then we can. I am currently teaching Geography in a senior high school and I can say that I am teaching the same thing I studied years back. Form 2 students have no idea what a GPS device is and most of them haven’t even set eyes on compasses or simple instruments. Let’s invest in our human resource. Let’s not play politics here. A country which fails to invest in it’s human resource will fail.

to be continued……..



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  1. Good post. I feel for you on the GPS issue, especially since fundamental things like Maps are so interactive now (GMaps, Yahoo Maps).

    Maybe you are there for a reason. Maybe you are to tell them of the world out there to the best of your abiity. Tell them about the wonderful world out there, wide and webbing people together (www).

    There’s a blogger I read he seems to be deep into maps. Here’s in Ghana maybe he might be interested in openong the eyes of the students.

    Do your bit!

  2. akuamoahboateng

    @Nana Kwabena Owusu Thanks, man! I will put in my best there. in my class of 67 only one student knows what facebook is and is on facebook. After they failed to tell me what a GPS is, I shied away from asking about Google Earth.

    Would be interested in reading blog about maps.

    I will do my bit!


    I commend you for the impact you are making on our people. keep it up.

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